Travel in luxury coast to coast. Ride with us and fly with us. One call does it all.

Service Partners

Classic’s goal to provide “One Call Does It All” service is complemented by our Partners: Revolution Air our sister company who provides private air charter service, and USA Special Services who provides Executive and VIP Protection.

Revolution Air

Revolution Air

Revolution Air offers personalized, exclusive services and management for private jet travel. We provide access to air charter jets seating 6-15 passengers or larger VIP-configured business jets accommodating 15 to 150+ passengers. Revolution Air invites you to enjoy our better-than-first-class private air charter service wrapped in the finest 21st century lifestyle.

Enjoy five-star private jet travel in a safe and secure flight environment, while dedicated flight team manages the nuances of your trip. Revolution Air oversee all the details of your private jet charter travel – from the on-board amenities to the distribution of up-to-the minute itinerary information. Private aviation and hospitality teams work hard to earn your business every time you fly.

At Revolution Air our world revolves around you.

USA Special Services

USA Special Services – Executive and VIP Protection

USA Special Services executive protection teams provide a comprehensive protection plan for corporate executives, dignitaries, entertainers, and celebrities. We provide short term, around the clock personal protection for events, daily routines or domestic or international travel.

For social or business functions, a comprehensive pre-event planning and event management is performed to help ensure your safety. In addition, an “advance check” is conducted before the VIP’s arrive.

USA Special Services will perform certified instant background checks on anyone who could potentially pose a threat or problem. During the event, USA Special Services will make continual plan refinements as situations evolve and provide executive level interaction with subjects and staff.

USA Special Services will perform technical counter measure surveillance on event itineraries venues and transportation used during the event, including: electronic debugging, encryption for cell and GPS tracking.

Pittsburgh G-20 Summit – USA Special Services offers a full range of safety and security services including G-20 event planning, VIP protection, armed and unarmed guards, instant background checks, debugging and bomb sweeps, and all types of transportation through our strategic teaming partners.